Our Services

Welcome to Woodhouse Garden Machinery, a business with multiple brand dealerships situated in Tavistock.

We exist to supply and maintain a full range of high quality, excellent value garden machinery for your garden, country estate or contracting business.

We are a full service dealer – this means that:

  • you don’t get a machine in a box that you have to assemble yourself
  • advice and guidance is freely available to help you decide which equipment is most suitable for your needs
  • our after sales service is just a phone call away if you have any problems
  • we aim to offer the best overall value for money – do check out our prices; you may be pleasantly surprised!

Our goal is to help you to maximise your leisure time and enjoyment of your garden by ensuring you use highly efficient equipment which gets the job done with the minimum of effort but gives you the satisfaction of a beautiful result that will be the envy of your neighbours, or for contractors, will be admired and appreciated by your clients.

Every garden is different, from small to large, level or sloping, contemporary or traditional. Every gardener is different too. We will do our best to supply equipment which will be easy to use, simple to maintain and suitable for your own particular needs.